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documentation: downloads: dbdb is a powerful network-aware, multi-user scheduling and timing aid, written in C. clients and servers communicate over TCP/IP networks such as the internet. development is ongoing and the project is licensed under the GPL.

for the time being, dbdb is only available in source form, and it requires the acquisition of a couple of libraries (available in packaged form) in order to compile. see the technical details for more information.


dbdb is moving to SourceForge! besides providing development resources such as bug tracking and CVS, i hope this will connect me with other interested developers. dbdb has its own project page, and as soon as it's complete this page will merely point over there. please subscribe to the dbdb-devel list if you're interested.

the major hurdle which dbdb faces right now is the conceptual background of error handling, whose implementation needs some revision. errors can arise in either the server or client, and there are several different severities. anyway, the next step is a reform of behavior in error cases. FIXED!

the remote executable interface and the recurrent timing functionality have been disabled until there's enough time to QA them sufficiently for inclusion. (if you wanna help, hint hint...)

IANA has assigned me TCP (and UDP) port number 6104 exclusively for the use of dbdb. their list of port numbers now includes it. standardization is a good thing!

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